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Opinion / Fate of Dilemma in Odgurmiş
Kutagdu Bilig that was examined in many aspects by many researchers from many disciplines, especially researchers from philosophy, language and literature, is one of the important works of Turkish literature. It was written by Yusuf Has Hacip and was completed in 1069. According to some sources it is a politics book and for some others it is a advisory book. It is a valuable work that fuses principles of Islamic belief and moral and state conception. It approaches Turkish convention with subjects about social life and the information that how a good rule of state should be. The source of the book’s success is that it tells such a heavy subject with a very interesting method and a very unusual wording. The notions; state, happiness, intelligence, opinion/fate were expressed in Kün-Togdı, Ay-Toldı, Ögdülmiş and Odgurmış and their conversations. In this work, only one of four main characters, Odgurmuş’s place in chain of events and his opinions were examined. The starting point of this article is that in majority of researches of literature, the notion symbolised by Odgurmuş is defined by the words Opinion/fate. However, Reşid Rahmeti Arat thinks that Odgurmuş symbolises only “fate”, on the grounds of his researches on Kutadgu Bilig. Taking this determination of Reşid Rahmeti Arat as a starting point, in this research, using qualitatif research methods, Odgurmış’s place in chain of events and his worldview are examined and opinion/fate dilemma is opened to discussion.

Kutadgu Bilig, Yusuf Has Hacip, Odgurmış, opinion, fate

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