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Value Transfer in the Private Letters of Ziya Gokalp
Ziya Gökalp is one of the most influential names in the foundations of thought in the Republic of Turkey. Though large masses have little knowledge of the world of ideas, they rarely recognize Ziya Gökalp in his letters. Special letters reveal people's inner world, their most sincere feelings and their deepest beliefs with great sincerity. Such letters of thinkers, scientists, artists are taken care of in this regard. While living together with an exiled father's anxiety and high paternity feelings in Limni and Malta, he tries to give character education by passing the "values" of philosophy, sociology, psychology, and education through letters to his wife and daughters The subjects of the thirty-two letters from Limni, Gokalp's first place of exile, and five hundred forty letters from Midilli to his wife and his daughters include philosophical and social issues such as loyalty, compassion, kindness, virtue, freedom, obedience; tolerant, willing, patient; family unity, respect for family and family members, love, happiness, the need to be healthy; faith, trust and faith in God; the importance of education and reading, and the education of women and girls. These issues can also be considered as a reflection of his views in his articles and works of “The Essence of Turkism” and “Turkification-Islamization-Modernization” to the letters.

Letter, Value, Virtue, Love, Faith

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