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The Life and Works of 11th Century Scholar Ez-Zemaşehri
Mukaddimetü’l Edeb Dictionary of Ez-Zemaşehri, who was one of the most significant scholars of his era though not receiving the value he deserved in science world, is among the Middle Turkish manuscripts in terms of the era, Central Asia in terms of the place and Middle Century in terms of time it was written. This manuscript has not been examined comprehensively yet. Mukaddimetü’l Edeb is a masterpiece which was written in a place where such great states as Desht-i Kipczak, Khorezm, Karakhanid and Seljuq were established. In other words, it was written in an era when Oghuz tribes migrating from the middle parts of the Aral Sea and Syr Darya to southern and western parts and the avant-garde Kipczak tribes replacing them met and many societies springing in the area socialized with each other. That is why, this masterpiece is referred as the common work of folks settling in Central Asia. The original copy of this masterpiece is lost. Two copies of the work were found in Ebu Ali İbn-i Sina Library in Bukhara in 1926 and came to be known in science world. The first of these two copies found in Bukhara was written by Hamid Hafiz in the hijri year 705 (1305 A.D.). It was a collection only of Arabic, Persian and Turkish language items. The second copy involving Persian, Turkish and Mongolian translations besides Arabic ones was written by Dervish Muhammed in the hijri year 893 (1492 A.D.).This study is thought to contribute to the examination of the language, history and ethnography of Turkish peoples.

Turkish Language, Kazakh Language, History, Ethnography

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