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An Analysıs on How the Beloved One Is Named in Bâkî’s Ghazals
Ghazals have always been a versification style favored by the poets in almost all eras of classical Turkish literature. Although there has been a recent diversification in terms of content especially in the last few centuries, the main issue in ghazals has always been love. Indeed, the noun "Ghazal" is itself related with love. Poets needed to name their beloved ones to describe, praise or address them directly with the aim of expressing the emotions and thoughts they have for them. In the love stories written in the form of Masnavi, the beloved one has been named usually with such proper names as Leylâ, Şîrîn, Züleyhâ, Azrâ and Gülşâh. However, in the ghazal tradition there is no such naming the beloved ones with the proper names. Because of this reason, poets prefer naming their beloved ones with "special naming". Some of these names are "permanent nemes", either having the meaning the beloved one ever since, or earned that meaning in time. They are not many in number. Most of the names used for the beloved one are "temporary names". These names are created either by metaphors or by antonomasia. In the naming with metaphors, the name of another creature is given to the beloved one temporarily. In the antonomasia, an adjective describing the beloved one is adopted as a name and used as a noun. In this study, the names for the beloved ones will be analyzed in terms of their processes of transforming into names in the ghazals of Bâkî, who is one of the poets of the classic era and who, we think, represents best the process of becoming a classic.

Ghazal, Bâkî, beloved one, names of the beloved one, processes of becoming a name

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