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199 Number (H. 1322-1324 / M.1904-1907) The Evaluation Of The Subject To Provide The Subject To The Chair By The Mahmud Pasha Court
Istanbul city has been the capital of many empires and cultures throughout history. Because of these qualities, it has always protected its position and its historical worthiness. In this respect, the first-hand resources of the sherries, which provide the right information about Ottoman history, are undoubtedly the most valuable records for this purpose. As a result of the transcription and evaluation of Mahmud Pasha Court's Shar'îye Sicili numbered 199, it has been determined that many cases are related to the receivables. The reason for this is that Mahmud Pasha Semti, a residence in the 17th century, is now completely a trade district in the 20th century. This study is based on the transcription and evaluation of the Mahmud Pasha Court Sheriff's Court No. 199, which covers H.1322-1324 / M.1904-1907, and the information we have received, along with the information we have received, between Muslim and non-Muslim elements and other minorities, or only between the Ottoman citizens or the legal aspects of similar cases.

Istanbul, Mahmud Pasha District, 199 Mahmud Pasha Law Court Record, Ottoman Empire,

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