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The Value of the Importance Attrıbuted to Being Healthy and The Practical Information on Health Education in Cengiz Aytmatov’s Novels
The way to create a happy society composed of happy individuals, is well known the value of health. This means that the value of giving importance to being healthy is one of the most important keys to building a happy individual and social life. To bring this value to individuals; state, is also a person's self-responsibility as well as the responsibility of society and educational institutions. Like in many cultures, it has an important place in Turkish culture, and many poets, writers, administrators or thinkers have dealt with these values in their works. When we look at our literature history, one of the names that came to the forefront in this sense is Cengiz Aytmatov, who is called "the writer of the century" by many people. Cengiz Aytmatov handled some of the practical-educational necessary to be healthy and healthy in his works. In this study, Aytmatov 's novels on the importance of being healthy and the sections about health education were identified and coded. These sections were later categorized according to some common features and included sample texts and comments for each category. At the same time, this will also reveal the clues that Aytmatov's works have described in many cases, especially the Kyrgyz community, the Turkish nation in general, and the practical knowledge about health.

Value to be healthy, health education, values, value education, Cengiz Aytmatov

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