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Some Investigations on Khwarezm Name and Hıstorical Geography of Region
The Khwarezm region has an important position in terms of historical geography since it has been the scene of important historical events because of its transition route between Iran and Turan and this position of the region. The influence of geographical features on historical facts increases its importance for Turkestan and Iran. At a time medieval political life has cut and separated spaces like swords and changed every day, Khwarezm has been perhaps one of the rare places that can keep its structure and borders. Particularly, while being at the crossroads increases its attractiveness, it enriches him both socially and culturally.The socio-economic structure of the region has stemmed from its economic advantages, its productive land and its strategic location. In this respect, Khwarezm, considered as a place to be acquired and managed in every period by the great states of the Middle Ages, was generally ruled at the hand of local dynasties or local administrators appointed from the center. Due to its geographical structure, strategic location and rapidly developing economy in the medieval world, it has always attracted the idea of establishing an independent administration by the local administrators in Khwarezm

Khwarezm, Historical Geography, Khwarezmian, Seljuk, Khorassan, Transoxiana, Persia, Turan.

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