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I. Dünya Savaşı’nda Almanya’nın Kafkas Halklarını Rusya’ya Karşı Ayaklandırma Girişimleri
When German Kaiser Wilhelm II understood a bloody war with England in 1914 was inevitable, he swore to start a jihad against England which would end its power in the east. He ordered: “Our consuls and delegates should revolutionise the whole Islamic world against this deceitful and unscrupulous nation.” In the summer of 1914, jihad was declared in Istanbul, the capital of the Ottoman, against the Russian in Caucasia and the Central Asia and the English in India. The head of this movement calling the Islamic world to revolution was indeed the Christian Germany. Leading soldiers and diplomats of Germany especially the Kaiser Wilhelm II planned to ally with the Ottoman Sultan under the jihad and to set the wrath of Muslims on their enemies. Wilhelm was not alone while making this decision. The leading soldiers and politicians of Germany said. “If England becomes our enemy in a possible war, a revolt against the English in India should be prompted, and the same should be tried in Egypt. It is necessary also to take action with the Ottoman Empire at the right time to save Iran from Russian power. Pan-Islamism should be conveyed to English colonies especially India, the revolt of Caucasia should be necessary. The most important one is the revolts in India, Egypt and Caucasia. Foreign affairs should carry out these plans in accordance with the alliance with the Ottoman and encourage Islam fanaticism. Iron, coal, copper and manganese deposit of Caucasia and oil in Baku were very important for war economy of Germany, and the German defended that this area having rich underground resources should be under the control of Germany. Therefore, Germany made plans to revolutionise Caucasian people against Russia to carry out its goal, and struggled very hard to carry out its crazy projects.

Ottoman Empire, Germany, Caucasia, Istanbul, Baku

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