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An Heritage from Central Asia to Anatolia: Erzurum Citadel Minaret
After the Malazgirt (Manzikert) victory, Sultan Alpaslan allocated Anatolia among his generals in order to provide the settlement and public works of the region so that for the first time in history permanent political organizations of the Turkish-Islamic dominance appeared in this archaic geography. Saltuks established by Ebü’l Kasım İzzeddin Saltuk is one of these political organizations and Erzurum is the center of it. Erzurum, the capital of Saltuks, has always been attractive for being the junction point on the roads from Central Asia and Caucasian to Mediterranean, Black Sea and Middle East in almost every period of history and its strategic position has always been significant thanks to this. Saltulks could not ignore this aspect of Erzurum and they immediately started public works there following the establishment of the political organization. Erzurum Citadel Minaret, called also “Kesik Kule,” “Tepsi Minaret,” “Top Kule,” “Clock Tower,” and “Minaret Tower”, has been existing for more than 900 years as being one of the most distinguished examples of its period. As being, a follow up of Central Asia minaret tradition, this minaret is a particular example in Anatolian minarets and the hypothesis on the original architecture of the top part of the minaret is the main subject of this study. The original structure of the Balcony part of the minaret, which still exists in spite of ages, destruction of human beings and invasions, is tried to be explained in the light of written and visual sources. As its minaret reflects the Central Asia characteristics, the structure is compared and contrast by Central Asia examples by making use of style criticism.

Erzurum, Saltuklular, Citadel Prayer Room, Tepsi Minaret, Minaret

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