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The Atatürk Period France and Turkey Relations
As a result of The First World War, the victorious states were waiting for The Ottoman State to disintegrate as soon as possible. However, France did not want The Ottoman to break down due to its advantages. It was very difficult for The French to have a military superiority against The Turks. The most important worries of The French were due to the economic concerns. Because of these reasons, The French turned to the political pursuits, and called for a meeting with Mustafa Kemal. Mustafa Kemal, who evaluated this very well, began to make actions to break the balance of entente states with the French. With The Ankara Treaty signed with The French, Turkish – French relations became quite constructive. As a result of this treaty, The Turkish Independence movement obtained a better defense against the imperialist forces without disturbing its power. With the battle of the Bozkurt Lotus ships, which took place on August 12, 1926, the first success in international law was gained and the decision of The Hague Court of Justice on September 7, 1927 was shown to the world in an international court where the Turkish judiciary is independent. Atatürk's period in Hatay Problem was one of the problems between Turkey and France. With the agreements made in this period, Hatay is no longer referred to as a sancak but is known as a separate state as Hatay Republic, Hatay Parliament participated in the last meeting of Hatay on 29 June 1939 after Hatay participated in the Motherland.

Turkey, France, The Soviet Union, The Ankara Treaty, The Moscow Treaty, Lozan.

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