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A New Copy of Kirimli Hafiz Hüsam’s Teressül
One of the oldest examples of Münşeat type in the Ottoman period is the Kırımlı Hafız Hüsam’s Teressül. There is no information available in the sources about author of the work. However, in the light of some evidences, it is estimated that the author lived between the ends of the XIV. century and the beginning of the XV. century and also served in the Germiyanoğulları Principality council in Kütahya. To the best of authors' knowledge, there is one copy of the work and this copy registered as Nurbanu with the 122 archive number is in the Selim Ağa Library. This work was copied by Şeyh Mehmed in the H.831 and was composed of 4 sections. Kitabet edebi, sername, cevapname and berat writing was mentioned in the first, second, third and fourth sections, respectively. A new copy of Teressül which hasn’t been mentioned before in sources, has been discovered as Mûnisü'l-İhvân at Beyazıt Provincial Public Library. In this study, firstly a general knowledge about the prose education was given and Kırımlı Hafız Hüsam and his work named as Teressül were mentioned. Afterwards, a new copy was introduced and information about the common and different aspects of the both copies was given. Obtained information from this work was addressed in the conclusion part. It is expected that this work will be helpful the studies related to prose education.

Kırımlı Hafız Hüsam, Teressül, prose, a new copy

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