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Shamanism In Kyrgyzstan: The Rise Of The Kyrgyz Tengrism In The Modern Era
Kyrgyz Tengrism, known in this country as Tenirchilik, tends to loyal to traditions and began to collect fans at the beginning of the 1990s with the independence. Nowadays, although the exact numbers are not known, it is said that there are estimated 5 thousand supporters, and they see their efforts to register their belief in Kyrgyzstan as a religion. It is also known that the mentioned movements are a reaction against the Islamic religion spreading in the region; and it causes concern that this “two camps” disseminate mutual hate speech in traditional and new media public sphere. This article is an attempt to evaluate a tendency of Kyrgyz Tengrism in the context of modernity-shamanism discussion, looking through with shamanist and modernist point of view. For this purpose in this paper we discuss the history, geography, theory and the practice of the Kyrgyz Tengrism, which occurred as a new religious-cultural entity.

Turkic shamanism, Tengrism, Folk religion, Kyrgyzstan

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