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Karabet Tomayan’ın Birinci Dünya Savaşı Öncesinde Ermenilere Nasihatleri
Karabet Tomayan was an Ottoman Armenian living in Merzifon during the years when British and American missionaries enhanced their efforts to create a Protestant population in the Ottoman lands. During the Tanzimat era, when French and Russia respectively took catholic and orthodox under their protection, British and American missionaries, too, were in a race for forming their own congregation from among the Ottoman Gregorian and Catholic Armenians. As an intelligent and promising young man, Tomayan was able to attract the attention of the missionaries and continued to attend their school, and then he went to Europe to gain education at a Protestant university and finally returned to his native land Merzifon as a teacher. However, Karabet Tomayan made his name in the Ottoman land neither his qualified religious education and his doctoral dissertation nor his professorship title, but his leadership of "Little Armenian Hichakyan Revolutionary Society”. He was arrested and convicted as he was held responsible for the dissemination of leaflets and disturbances in many towns and villages in Ankara and Sivas provinces on January 6, 1893. Karabet Tomayan, whose death penalty turned into a deportation, once again named his name in the Ottoman geography in the beginning of 1914 when the great world war was approaching with the articles entitled "A Critical Article of An Armenian Scholar" and "To Turks and Armenians- A Proposal of Professor Tomayan to Two Nations". In this article, it will be discussed his warnings, advices and wishes in his article written for Turks and Armenians in the last days of his life rapidly changing from professorship to captivity, from death penalty to deportation, and to his deputyship.

Karabet Tomayan, Merzifon American College, Ankara Courts, England

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