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In The Light of Ottoman Documents The Battle of Tökeli Imre under The Ottoman Protection and The Financial Supports Given by Ottoman State
Towards the end of the last two hundred years following the Ottoman conquest, a new turn was made in the Ottoman-Austrian conflicts over the Hungarian lands. Protestant Hungarians living in Hungarian territory under Austrian control revolted in 1667 due to sectarian pressure. One of the leaders who rebelled was Istivan Tököly, the father of Tökeli İmre. Tökeli İmre took shelter in Erdel when he was thirteen years old when his father died. In his twenties, emerged as leaders of the rebel Hungarians. The Hungarian prince has relied on the help of the Ottoman state as a key to its political future. He received support from Merzifonlu Kara Mustafa Pasha in 1683. The aim of Merzifonlu was to subjugate the Central Hungarian lands with his support to Tökeli İmre. For this reason, Merzifonlu Kara Mustafa Pasha sieged the Austrian capital Vienna in 1683. But unexpectedly the siege ended in defeat. Tökeli İmre fought against Austria together with the Ottoman army for sixteen years in order to secure him. However, he was deprived of financial strength due to the loss of all assets in Central Hungarian territory and Erdel. For this reason he always needed Ottoman support in his struggle. The Ottoman state provided Tökeli İmre's needs before every military campaign to be organized. In this article, Tökeli İmre's activities in the Ottoman army were tried to be explained in the light of documents containing financial support given to him.

Tökeli İmre, Ottoman Patronage.

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