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Problem of Work and Finding Work in Bekir Yildiz’s Short Texts
Emigration, defined as the action of individuals or communities to go from one settlement to another, from one country to another, for economic, social and political reasons, is one of the main themes in Turkish literature. The lives of Turkish workers, especially those who go to Germany, have been studied in many literary texts. One of the names that can be eveluated in this context is Bekir Yıldız. The writer, who is one of the representatives of socialist-realistic Turkish literature, has worked as a worker for a while in Germany; later on discoursed all the events and experiences he witnessed during this part of his life. In this article, Yıldız's works, which are about Turkish laborers working in Germany, are analyzed in the context of occupations and finding jobs. As a result of the research; author lays the search for a job on the basis of the migration phenomenon, and adds the analysis of classes to prop his statements. Yıldız's short narratives have; migration process starting from Turkey to Germany in the landlessness, not enough food and lack of machines etc. The continuum becomes fragile through familial reactions and official control systems and the whole process ends with mechanization in production activities following the workers' arrival in Germany. In Yıldız's immigration-focused short narrations, it isn't possible to encounter any Turks who return homeland from Germany that they went with great expectations. After all, despite the occupation being found, the workers' dignity and exertion have disappeared within the system.

Bekir Yıldız, migration, Turkish worker migration, Germany

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