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Electronic Humour Culture from Narrative to Visual
Technology develops life quality of humankind by transferring the life practically. Internet which is one of the important services of technology has been an irreplaceable part of daily life with the help of the communication and information domains. By the help of internet we see new faces of communication and this accelerate the globalization. Technological developments which start the second period of reading and writing abilities created a new hypertext. This hypertext contains a lot of communication devices such as text, visual, sound. Internet is the most important part of this multimedia platform which contains several communication devices like as writing, sound, picture, film, animation, simulation. The term of “electrical literacy” was born by this cultural being. This literacy type started to utilize efficiently photography, photocopy, and fax by diachronic process of internet. First of all these elements were typical utilities but therefore are started to use for different purposes. Once upon a time handmade designs, official machines, photography, photocopy, and fax, were used to make ordinary jokes. Today these machines replaced by electronic material which are designed and published in internet domains. These visual materials like as oral jokes and narratives explain deceptions and fears. Produced visual materials for laughing, scaring, surprising etc. are among the most important parts of the electronic domain which contains caricaturized pictures, texts and documents, are among the most important entertainment utilities. These new communication forms which have visual and audial specifications became a means for ideas and information connections. On the purpose of installing an interaction line interesting, amusing, sympatric, it created a new special folklore type based on internet which has a structure connective and integrative. In this study we will focus on visual humour which is created in electronic domain.

Folklore, Humour, Internet, Visual, Electronic.

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