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The Automobile, Accidents and Traffıc Regulation in Istanbul in The Beginning of the 20th Century
The automobile emerged as a result of a series of technologies that were invented in the last quarter of the 19th century and shaped the 20th century world by influencing it from many aspects. Becoming an important part of world economy, it also fundamentally changed personal mobility, tourism, transportation, military constructions, etc. In this sense, it leads the inventions which have influenced today's world the most. Generally in the Ottoman Empire and particularly in Istanbul, automobiles began to appear in streets during the reign of Abdul Hamid II. However, it did not became widespread due to such reasons as its being an expensive vehicle, in particular, insufficiency of roads, local unavailability of spare parts, etc. They were bought in limited numbers by government agencies and a few by capital owners and foreigners. Although the automobile did not rapidly become widespread in Istanbul, many car accidents occurred because the city was not suitable for automobile traffic, and the first traffic regulations for preventing such accidents were made in the same period. In the 1910s, slow efforts were made for resolving issues which are presently vital such as driving licenses, license plates, road regulations and traffic rules. The current study aims to address accidents involving automobiles that took place in Istanbul in the first quarter of the 20th century and the regulations made for both preventing these accidents and also for ensuring safe and orderly operation of automobiles that showed up as a new technology. The main sources of the study include some archival documents of the period, the Police Magazine, and the press of the time.

Istanbul, Automobile, Traffic Accidents, Traffic Regulations

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