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The Creation of Human and Soil in Turkish and World Myths
In the myths of cosmogony and anthropogony, in which the creation of the world and man are described, fire, water, air and soil are stated, which are known as four essentials, four elements or four factors. As a result of examining the myths of various cultures, we could say that the raw stuff of human creation is soil or wood in some of them, and is reed or corn in some of the human creation. Among the myths about human creation, creation from the soil comes to the fore. It is seen that people were created by gods or semi-gods from loam, clay and mud. It was believed that the human beings were created from the soil obtained from the mixture of clay and water, cooked in the fire and the air -that is to say their souls- was blown to their bodies at the latest stage. In the holy books, the adventure of creation, in general, is described in this way. However, in every culture, human creation has its own characteristics. In this study, the myths of human creation are examined, such as Asia, Far East, Europe, Mesopotamia, Central Asia and Siberia and effective role of soil in human creation has been determined. The effect of the geography and the religion on which myths are described is undoubtedly important in the formation of the myths. In this context, the findings in this study showed that the soil is involved in almost every narrative of human creation both regarding geographical culture and the religion. The reasons or probabilities of these communities are discussed starting from the factor of soil in this study.

earth, creation of the humankind, myth, anthropogeny, culture

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