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Life Between Two Poles: Turkish Women In the 1950's Turkish Press
From the date of its foundation the Turkish Republic gave importance to women in the society and through the modernization programs she pursued, she had endeavored to underline the essentiality of female figure in the society. Unlike the previous periods in the 1950’s, ‘as being a symbol of Western modernity’, the example of American female figure had replaced the European female role-model. From that time onwards, considering the life standards of the American women, the Turkish women were advised to adopt themselves to this new type of female model. During this adaptation process, especially through the advices that targeted women, the Turkish press played an essential role. Without a doubt, the ongoing developments in the international political atmosphere were among the reasons behind this particular differentiation. Whereas the European continent began to lose the power she had held for centuries, USA started to play an essential role not only in the World politics and economics, but also in the international socio-cultural life. However, in a bipolar international atmosphere in which, America was representing the democratic countries and U.S.S.R. was leading the communist bloc, can we consider the alterations in international relations as sole factors play a role for the determination of Turkish women’ place in the society? The current article that aims to answer this question, analyzes both the foreign and domestic developments for the obtainment of possible factors, which had played a role in this social process.

Turkish women, 1950’s, Cold War, American culture, bourgeoisie.

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