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Süleyman Nazif's Stance Against the West World and his Work Titled "The Open Letter to Jesus
Süleyman Nazif came to the world 30 years after the declaration of the Tanzimat in 1839, when Western thought entered the Turkish Islamic world with an official arrangement. Like Namık Kemal who represents the first generation of Tanzimat literature understanding Süleyman Nazif also stood upright against the west. His stance and gaze is to take the science and art of the West, without ever compromising the values of the nation's self, to be aware of the destructive ideas of the West and to eliminate them. In his poetry, Nazif, depicted national emotions, thoughts and homeland love, always stood against the imperialist thought of the Christian world. He clearly and very hardly expressed this attitude by his writing titled "A Black Day" when British occupied Istanbul. In addition, in many of his writings he expressed the injustices and cruelties that the Christian world has done in various geographies over those years. In his writings published in the Hak Journal in 1912, he called for the conscience of Europe because of the occupation of Tripoli and Benghazi. But Europe responds with this speech ridicule. Süleyman Nazif, is vigilant against all the political activities that Europe has revealed in those years. One of these destructive acts against Turkey; The British representative of the United Nations called on a delegation against Turkey and a French newspaper called on other European countries for the help of Spain, which continued its occupation in North Africa. On this call of the United Nations, Süleyman Nazif wrote the letters titled "Open Letter to Jesus". In these letters, he criticizes with a heavy language the Western world for what they do. In this study, the stance and view of Süleyman Nazif against the western world and his work titled "Open Letter to Jesus" will be examined.

Süleyman Nazif, view, western world, Christian, Jesus,

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