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Dupnice Estates Belonged to Ismihan Sultan in XVIth Century (Together with Estate and Border Certificates)
In this study; estates of Ismihan Sultan, daughter of Prince Selim the Second –son of Suleiman the Magnificent- and Nurbanu Sultan located in Kyustendil city, Dupniçe district, Boboşeva and Osikofça villages. The fact that the possesion of these two villages were belonged to Ismihan Sultan has been understood from the detailed cadastral registry books dated 1572. The population, savings on land and revenue status of these two villages have been subject to examination by comparing the obtained information from this cadastral record book at the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre, Kuyûd-ı Kadîme Archive and cadastral books dated 1519, 1530 and 1550 at the Prime Ministry Ottoman Archive. In addition, estate and border certificates recorded into the cadastral reord book dated 1572 have been dwelled upon with regard to these villages are private properties of Ismihan Sultan. With these documents, it has been aimed to lay out specific information about what kind of exemplications were given to the residents of the region and how the borders of villages were identified in the estates by state. Especially by looking at the recorded landforms such as streams, rivers, lakes, hills, and etc in border certificate; the details about the regions land characteristics in 1572 could be learned. This study about Ismihan Sultan’s private estates has a great importance in terms of female sultans’ private land obtainings in order to do charity works at Ottoman Empire.

Ismihan Sultan, Dubniçe, Boboşeva, Osikofça, Free hold – foundation lands Estate Certificate, Borde

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