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Prophet Muhammad on Poems of the Great Turkmen Poet Mahtumkulu
Poets have written poems in almost every genre and created a variety of prophet poems including all kinds of information about prophets. They reflected their love and commitment for Prophet Muhammed by talking about his life, characteristics and personality in their works and they promoted his nobility, stated their love and expected mercy from him. A great Turkman poet Mahtumkulu who wrote in a plain Turkman language stated his love for Prophet Muhammed in a literary style and by explaining that he is the last prophet and his favourite man (habibullah), mentioning his commitment for his people and his miracles and talking about him with the best names. The thing attracting our attention in Mahtumkulu’s perception of Prophet Muhammed is the reflections of his madrasah education in his works. Maktumkulu is regarded as a jurist, pedagogue, a guide and an advisor in his collected poems related to our topic. Secondly, he is seen as a sheikh protecting, advising, guiding and preaching his dervishes in his Islamic monastery like a leader. Besides, the most important thing is that he gives us an incarnational example of the light of Muhammed that makes us deeply feel the effect of Sufism. Mahtumkulu’s perception of Prophet Muhammed has the characteristics of a perception in the line of classical Ahl-i Sunnah which is appropriate for traditional Sufi madrasah.

Turkman poet, Mahtumkulu, Prophet Muhammad, perception, poem

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