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A Translation Study of Mustafa Rahmi From Pallas’s Book: The Kalmuk Turks
The Kalmuk Turks are described as a part of Mongolian history. There are many assumptions about the origin of the Kalmuk name. The information on printed works in Turkey regarding their dates is very limited. Many of these limited information are in a state of repetition. One of the theses prepared on Kalmuk Turks in Turkey is master thesis and the other is doctor thesis. One of them is about the history of war, which refers to the warrior aspect of the Kalmuks, and the other is about their religious beliefs and religious histories. However, information related to their daily life is extremely limited. The only book written about this subject is a book by Mustafa Rahmi named "Kalmuk Turks" and made by the related part of the work of Russian scientist Pallas. The publication date of the book is 1927. The language of this book is Ottoman Turkish and it is waiting to be evaluated in a corner. As we have mentioned above related to Kalmuk Turks, we have chosen this issue as the subject of this article because it is a book which solves a little. We wrote on who are the Kalmuks, the origin of Kalmuk name, Mustafa Rahmi’s and Pallas’s biographies, then we aimed to present it to the scientific world by including the transcriptional text of the book.

Kalmuk Turks, General Turkish History, Mustafa Rahmi, Peter Simon Pallas.

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