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1897 Ottoman-Greek War in The French Newspapers of the It Period
The world was threshold of utterly different turning when bear down on into the 20th Century, with fresh tecnologic creation and political ideas. Ottoman Empire’s traditional structure was a good bit far who the new world which currently be in the making and mentality. This circumstance it was compel that in the his structure to make the changes, specially since beginning of 19th Century. This changes which was envisage with Tanzimat and Islahat Decrees was resemble that be not make as easy as was presumed and maked precisely in this way. On one side, the reform demands of the modern world is being attempted to fulfill, and it is tried to preserve the state's own historical structure on the other side, whether with his self decidion or with external guidance and intervention. So empire knew that not make a step without external support and aid, in time the epoch begun to closed of empires era. It taked late help from West how emergent as a world power, in the course of Crimea War (1853-56). This war maked initial period, at the same, which state went into debt. Receiving loans beyond all bear when in term of Sultan Abdulhamid II, so collection of this loans, merely, that payment programmed after established the Düyun-u Umumiye Administration (Management of General Loans). Thus Sultan compeled to strive what both aganist this loans and grievances which in the Balkans, Arabic provinces and in other Muslim states, as a Caliph. Greece who a Balkan state independented since 1829 Edirne Treaty. This state begun to intervention for the affairs of Crete which under Ottoman management with in the basis that his self history and the agitation of big states, late in 19th Century. To agree what this condition was impossible for Ottoman Empire. At this juncture, a thus situation who of West powers in how neutral or hesitation brought about Turc-Greek War. The war was closed follow-up by Europe presse and it had a broad repercussion especially in newspapers with Christian reflex. French newspapers was such too. On one side, as publishing what war informations from different sources, and was publishing that specialist’s views every so often.

19th Century, Tanzimat, Crimea War, Edirne Treaty, French Newspapers.

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