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On the Cevri's Unknown Poem that Written in the Form of Masnavi
Cevrî Ibrahim Celebi is one of the leading poets of 17th century classical Turkish literature. Many studies have been done on his works, revealing his life and literary personality. Apart from the Divan, there are also independent works written in the form of masnavi poetry. In this study, a poem written in the form of masnavi belong to Cevri and not published up to date will be given evaluated. The poetry can not be evaluated separate works because it does not conform to the regulatory features of masnavies and it is composed of 67 couplet. The work of satire type poem displays different style features because they are written in the language of the satirical person. The poem, which is about a person who is satirized by Nef'î who one of the leading poets of the 17th century , is an answer the satirical person to Nef'î. İn the poem, insulting words used by Cevrî, is unlike Cevrî’s style and his used words of the Divan. In this study, the poetic text was transferred to today's letters and information of its content was given. Moreover, a comparison between the known style of Cevrî and this poem style was made.

Cevrî, Masnavi, Satire

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