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A Game Prepared With Tuyugs: Keep A Tuyug In Mind
Tuyug means singing a song, a praising or a wording that is implicit, covert, punned or implicative. In the Classical Turkish Poetry, tuyug is also the name of a four verse national poetry format of the aruz prosody that is written with the fâilâtün fâilâtün fâilün pattern. In the poetry journal that is registered with number 5879 in the Süleymaniye Library Written Donations, there is an interesting game that is developed by using the tuyug verse format. This game includes 30 pcs tuyugs that are numbered from 1 to 30. Each of these tuyugs handle one of 30 objects that include fruits such as apple, pear, grape, water melon, pomegranate and flowers such as tulip, rose, daffodil and violet. The name of each one amongst these 30 objects are placed on a table, which is comprised of 75 boxes formed by 15 lines and 5 columns, in a manner that it shows the number of the tuyug that handles the object in question. For this placement, it is essential that each of said 30 objects are written according to the number of its own tuyug on 5 columns, which comprise numbers 1, 2, 4, 8 and 16. For instance, we see that the quince handled by tuyug number 5 is written on the columns that pertain to numbers 1 and 4 in the said table. With this, one can think that by reading the tuyug, which belongs to the object that will be found by looking at on which column/columns a number said/kept in mind from 1 to 30 can be created, the person saying the number/keeping it mind makes inferences about the things on his mind. Expressions such as “göñlüñüzden çünki ilimon dutduñuz, şol göñülde dutduguñdur nâr-ı gül” that we encounter in the third and fourth verses in the majority of 30 tuyugs, increase the possibility that this game is fictionalized on reaching objects from numbers said/kept in mind from 1 to 30 and to from there, reaching to tuyugs. This game can be seen as a joyful mathematic exercise and it can also be considered as an elegant application in terms of introducing the imaginary and associative aspects of these thirty objects that are reflected on the products of the Classic Turkish Literature (here, on tuyug). This study has examined how these 30 tuyugs were structured as the components of a game after their introduction.

tuyug, game, fruits, pun, number

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