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A General Overview of the Development of Modern National Identity in Northern Azerbaijan
The development of modern national identity in Northern Azerbaijan started from the second half of 19th century under the rule of czarism, the transition from the Islam community concept to the nation concept when the tsarist administration came to end. In this era, the concepts of being Turk and Azerbaijani came into prominence as two basic identity descriptions. With the foundation of Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan which is the first modern nation state of Azerbaijan history, the nation perception in the Northern Azerbaijan went into a phase of implementation, the name of the language and the motherland of Northern Azerbaijan people was determined. In the era of USSR there was effort to establish an identity of Azerbaijan supported by the socialist ideology and the Russian values. Despite all the efforts of USSR administrtation to russify, the Northern Azerbaijan people protected their own national identity and language till the state collapsed. The process of independence in 1991 and simultaneously the occupations of Nagomo Karabakh by the Armenians and the Bloody Yanvar events accelerated the independence process and the development of Turkish-Azerbaijan identiy against the Armenian-Russian-USSR administration. To remove the impacts of soviet update and the russification policies in the era of Ebulfez Elçibey, in the era of USSR the national policies have been accelelerated. After Haydar Aliyev became the president in 1993, the identity of secular Azerbaijan considered as the basic factor of Turkishness and Islamism was adopted as inclusive upper identity.

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