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The School of Veterinary Civil Service
Abstract The purpose of this study is to reveal the historical development of the School of Veterinary Civil Service and its contributions to the Turkish education system. In this study, the documents received from the Prime Ministry Ottoman Archive, education yearbooks and copyright works were used as the source. The historical method has been adopted as a method. Livestock is one of the major sources of living as The Ottoman Empire is an agricultural country. Although military veterinary school was opened for animal health, this could only meet the demands of the army. The School of Veterinary Civil Service was planned to meet the need of the Ottoman people having wide pastures for this aspect and Europeans also wanted the implementation of veterinary inspection procedure in the customs for animals to be imported by them. But it was decided that the first two years of the school opened in Medical School and the last two class in Halkalı School of Agriculture whose construction was about to be completed because and the economic difficulties of the country were not eligible to open a new school. Thus, the School of Veterinary Civil Service became a detached school in which four classes were studying together. The building was firstly hired in Cündi Maidan. 204 students graduated from the School of Veterinary Civil Service from 1309 to 1324. A decree was published about the transfer of Military Veterinary School and the School of Veterinary Application to the School of Veterinary Civil Service (Mülkiye Baytar Mekteb-i Âlisi) depending on the Ministry of Commerce and Agriculture in 1921. The title of School of Veterinary Civil Service (Mülkiye Baytar Mekteb-i Alisi) was changed to Veterinary School (Baytar Mekteb-i Âlisi).

Veterinary School, veterinary, Ottoman, education

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