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The Names of the Organs in Kitâb-ı Kânûnçe (Law Book)
The vocabularies of the thesaurus of a language can be analyzed in various ways based on their qualities and quantities. As a result of these analyses, the sufficiency or insufficiency of the thesaurus of a language, the borrowed vocabularies and types, the use of these types of vocabularies when compared with each other and their frequency of use can be found. While making the analysis of the thesaurus, the first applied group of words are the names of organs, animals, foods-drinks, kinship and numbers, which are primarily important in the human life, which are used frequently and which have not undergone sound and morphological changes many times in the historical process. In the Ancient Anatolian Turkish era, many works, constituting the basis of the Turkish medical language today, were written or translated and introduced into our language with similes and borrowing. Kitab-ı Kanunçe (Law Book), one of the most important medical books of Ancient Anatolian Turkish written by the Mufti of Bursa Mahmud Efendi in 1596, has a very rich content in terms of medical terminology (animal, organ, disease, plant, medicine names). As the names of the organs in the works (anatomical and physiological terminology) were lexicalized in accordance with the rules of terminology derivation and contributed to the development of Turkish medical language, the organ names in Kitab-ı Kanunçe (Law Book) will be discussed in this study.

Kitab-ı Kanunçe (Law Book), Ancient Anatolian Turkish, medical terminology, The names of the organs

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