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Ilkhanid Period Governors in Baghdad (1258-1280)
Ilkhanids attract notice with their new administrative system practices in the geographies they rule. This new period was felt most in the foundation step across the country. In this context, appointments to new areas invaded by Mongols were intense. This new administrative staff worked hard in order to annihilate destructive results that the invasion had brought. Period’s bureaucrats either in central organisation or in provincial mechanism worked intensely in order to eradicate the effects of the great destruction and to reinstate the economic boom. In this respect as any administrative staff appointed to any part of Ilkhanid country, practices of officials appointed to Baghdad had characteristics of a reform. Because, Baghdad experienced a disaster in 1258. Getting the city prosperous and developed were the biggest and compulsory responsibilities of the staff appointed by Ilkhanid centre to the city after the invasion. For this reason, this paper attempts to touch upon the political practices and activities of the governors appointed to Baghdad city in the period.

Mongol Invasion, Public Works, Ilkhanid Administrative Staff.

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