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Can Ziya Gökalp’s Folk Tales Be Accepted as Fakelore Samples?
Folklore is a term that was introduced in the early 20th century in Turkey. Folklore is a discipline that examines various aspects of folk culture. It has developed together with Turkism. Folklore has always been enriched with new terms. One of the new terms that are produced on this field is the concept of fakelore. The concept was first used by Richard M. Dorson in 1950. Fakelore has created a new discussion area in the field of folklore. Many researchers have participated in the discussion, and the concept has been dealt with from different angles. Fakelore means fake, fabricated, imitated information. In this study, Ziya Gökalp’s folk tales were examined according to the concept of fakelore. First, information about the characteristics of folklore products was given. The concept of fakelore is explained. Then the folk tales published by Gökalp in various journals have been evaluated around this concept. It has been seen that Gökalp borrowed some of the features of folklore products in the study. Gökalp has rewritten these products and introduced a new product. Fakelore products have commercial concerns, advertisements, desires and pleasures of readers / publishers. But these worries did not take place in Gökalp’s folk tales. Gökalp did not use his folk tales as a social control mechanism, ideological and cultural hegemony. The folk tales did not serve the economic and political interests of certain social groups. These products do not reflect the values of dominant cultures. Gokalp’s folk tales are not fakelore examples because of these features. These folk tales are the rewritten forms of folk products.

folklor, fakelore, Ziya Gökalp, ideology

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