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Rabies Cases and the Treatment Studies in the Ottoman: The Instance of Antalya
The rabies as a word means maddened, losing control and raving. The records of rabies, which is a quite dangerous epidemic and going back to ancient times, is dated to a date as far as 4000 BC. The studies for rabies in Turkey, which can be treated more than a century, began in 19th century. Until the 19th century, in the field of health, the methods of traditional medicine have continuously been applied in Ottoman State. However, both technological and scientific developments in the western world, both war and the increasing of epidemic diseases have forced the Ottoman Empire to a transition into modern applications in the field of Health. After the Tanzimât, accepted a milestone in almost every area the Ottoman modernization and the institutionalization of the modernization movement in the desired implementation, the contemporary educational institutions have appeared. Besides contemporary educational institutions, health institutions providing training in modern techniques and training physicians have also emerged in this period. These studies, which firstly began in the military field and the modernization in the field of health, were reflected in the field of public health. Along with the increase of epidemic diseases appearing, the health institutions were tried to be opened on each side of the geography of the Empire in parallel with the developments in medical in the Ottoman State. The specialization in the growing Ottoman medical also showed a progress in parallel with this situation and the specialty hospitals have begun to appear. Towards the end of the 19th century, the only place where the studies are made of rabies is Daülkelb. It was necessary that the rabies infected, who were to be treated in various parts of the country would be sent to Daülkelb in Istanbul. According to the records of the Ottoman archives, the emergence of cases and patients that were being sent to Istanbul for treatment, Antalya was one of the places where rabies was common. This study, which is taken at a city scale, aims to reveal the information about the rabies cases in Antalya province through the treatment studies reflected in the Ottoman archive records.

Rabies, Treatment Studies, Ottoman State, Antalya

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