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The Dragon-Headed Scepter of Şit Abdal and the Dragon Motif in Turkish Mythology
Şit Abdal whose tomb is located in Kuzköy in Kabataş in province of Ordu, is known as Sheik Halil, Şidlü Dede, Sütlü Baba in region and had an important role in material and spiritual conquest of the region and was from Khorasan Eren and Adlan-ı Rum, according to 1395 dated Sheikhood letters, he was son of Khidru’r Rum and succestor of Bayezid-i Bistami. Şit Abdal settled in Kuzköy in the Fidaverende region of Bayramlı and conquered the village as a right of conquest. He reached a respectable position in a short time in a large region with the zaviye he established here. From Şit Abdal who had an important place in Turkification and economic development of the region, to daytime reached an Arabic Sheikhood Berat dated 1395 and an inlaided oval stone which’s funtion can not be determined exactly and copper containers and a three handled stewpot which has an script on and fish motif in it and a dragon-headed iron scepter which is the subject of this article. Although the dragon motif was generally thought to originate from China, it was used as a common motif in Turkish art before and after Islam. The dragon, which has various examples in Anatolia and the Turkish world, is depicted as an animal with wings, feet, ears, fire from the mouth, and body with fish scales, but sometimes it is treated as an ears with no ears and wings. The dragon, abundance and abundance in the Turkish mythology, which are related to the earth-water and sky cults, have also become symbols of renewal and protection. From the earliest times, Turks used luu, büke, nek serpent, evren and dragon expressions to define the dragon. The dragon motif has been practiced in almost every branch of art.

Şit Abdal, Iron Scepter, Ordu, Kuzköy, Abdalân-ı Rûm, Mythology, Dragon

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