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Domestic Excursions of Ottoman Sultans (A Chronologıcal Essay)
DOMESTIC EXCURSIONS OF OTTOMAN SULTANS (A CHRONOLOGICAL ESSAY) ABSTRACT The territories under the rule of the Ottoman State extended to three continents and covered a vast geography. Therefore, the relationship between public communities living in the back country and Sultans were limited with correspondence only. So, the relationships between public communities living in the back country and rulers did not develop sufficiently and it became difficult for the public to access their ruler, seek their rights, and enjoy a union with the administration and a fair management. Beginning with Mahmud II, however, Ottoman Sultans began to make excursions across the country. Mahmud II, for the first time in the Ottoman history, made domestic excursions to be able to observe the situation in the country in person, determine the needs of local communities in place, and listen to their complaints. During these travels, the Sultan listened to the problems of his citizens and gave orders to officials for resolving such problems. Besides, he received successful local military and administrative dignitaries and rewarded them. Following Mahmud II, all the Ottoman Sultans made such domestic excursions. The current essay discusses and assesses these excursions chronologically.

Mahmud II, Abdülmecid I, Abdülaziz I, Abdul Hamid II, Mehmed V, excursion.

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