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At Seyf-i Sarâyî’s translation of Gülistan, The Verb Construction of the Verb
Turkish written language 8. Century. Orhon Inscriptions begins with the century written in old Turkish, the name we gave during this period, the dialect of the Orkhon, old Uighur dialect as the literary language and the dialects of the former Kyrgyz emerges. 10. Continuing until the end of the century, old Turkish, 11. Century karakhanid dialect in the place has left. 13. At the beginning of the century in two different places in the Turkish language as the written language emerges. West Oghuz Turkic Turkic-called West, East and north-eastern dialects is observed in khwarezm and Kipchak Turkish called. Translation Of Gulistan, 14. century has been translated into the Kipchak dialect by Seyf-i Sarâyî. The work that goes along with the work of Bostan Sa’di named among world classics, it has been translated into many languages in the world. Translation Of Gulistan, Introduction by Ali fehmi Karamanlıoğlu, text, including index and was issued. Prose about our work, based on the identified verbs derived from verbs this in prose, the meanings of the verbs detected, origins, and examples are given. In addition, some verbs with some of the evaluations that were examined. when appraisals are made, EDPT, OTWF, and DTS selected as primary sources, in addition to these At Verb of Old Turkish and At Verbs of Horezm Turkish his work also were used as secondary sources.

The translation of the Gulistan, verb, verbs derived from verbs, Sadi, Kipchak dialect.

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