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Political Party Struggles in Urfa as Part of 1947 Mukhtar Election
After transition to multi-party system in 1945, borough and district mukhtar elections were held in 1947. In those elections, political party struggles came up in mukhtar elections for the first time, too. The period of mukhtar elections was very active in Urfa, too. The process that took place in Urfa was strikingly expressed in the reports that were presented to the Ministry of Internal Affairs by the Governor of Urfa,Kamuran Çuhruk and the First Inspector General, Avni Doğan. In those reports, both social and political structure of that period’s Urfa and the relations between bureaucracy and political power were clearly displayed. As one can see in the Urfa example, reports show the problems of a country which passed to multi-party system with the organization, corporation and mentality of one-party system.

Governor of Urfa Kamuran Çuhruk, First Inspector General Avni Doğan, Urfa, 1947 Mukhtar Elections, C

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