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Letter Stories as Means of Confession of Women -Fromthe Reform to the Republic-
literature since the Reforms on which especially women authors rely. It paves the way for women to reflect their inner world in a more sincere way owing to the fact that it separates letter narrator used within the story and the author. During the modernization period of the Ottoman women until the period of the establishment of the Republic, letter stories published in the journals have a significant place. These stories, most of which were published with women names, sets light on the family condition, educational state, social and cultural life of the modernizing Ottoman women. In most of the letter stories, matters are centered on women and the problems of women, who change between Modernity and tradition, appear as the main issue. During the period from the Reforms to the Republic, great significant political events that the Ottomans undergone through do not fall within the area of interest of the letter stories. In the stories, ideal place is shown for the women who begin to go to public places from the private ones. Education of women and their duties at home are the main topics of these stories. Women must obtain education in order to bring up children and take care of the family. Women in the period of building ‚new and modern? society in the Ottoman, adopt the role of ‚governess?, which is suggested for them.

Letter story, modernization of women, Servet-i Fünun (wealth of sciences) literature, national liter

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