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That the poet acquires a nickname according to his temperament and the concept of "pseudonym" that the poet used that name in the text of the poems that he wrote has started under the influence of Iran in the Divan poetry and has become a tradition in. The use of pseudonym seen in our literature since XIIIth century has placed in the form of adoption in some poets, however in others it has appeared in the form of pseudonym changes in different period and in the divans. It is seen that the same tradition has continued in modern poetry from time to time. Although the wind of Westernization starting in literature and art during the Tanzimat period has resulted in a break away from classical poetry enjoyment and a drastic change in the conception of the poetry, it is not possible to say that the traditional elements has completely disappeared. The poets who exhibited an attitude in favor of the classic poem in the old-new debate have made efforts to continue this tradition and even have taken part in the endless discussion with the artists in favor of western literature. Even though the efforts to keep alive the classic poem has been fruitless and western poetry enjoyment has settled, the traditional values and motives in the art of poetry has perpetuated its presence in the background. The traditional elements may be found not only in the works of the artists who have insisted on the preservation of traditional values but also in the works of poets who fully embraced the western poetry. A kind of the use of pseudonym which manifests that the poet gives a place to his own name in the text of the poem is often encountered in the modern poetry. The purpose of this study is to illustrate the traces of this tradition in modern poetry by explaining the tradition of pseudonym and the use of name.

Divan Poetry, Pseudonym, Tradition, Modern Turkish Poetry

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