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Letâifnâme is a genre which include some short stories related to experienced and narrated social events. It is written by wisdom, humor and satire. It usually consist of selected stories. Narratives in Letâifname are from each other. There are a large number of independent short narratives. In Letâifname there is also satire or some characteristic in humorous style. The Works which belong to this genre are written as verse or prose and sometimes as prose-vorse. There are lots of written boks on this genre an done of the Works belong to Bahrî Efendi. His Letâifnâme contains characterisrichs of the genre Bahrî Efendi lived in the second half of the sixteenth century. Any research hasn’t been made so far about his Letâifnâme. In a few studies was mentioned about his work briefly. Bahrî Efendi divided his work into four chapters. Two of these chapters are quite obscene. Some of anectodes include religious, moral and wisdom values. In entirely verse stories, obscenity are so much less than prose. There are humorous stories about many characters that are encountered in the social life. In this letâifs whose title is mutayebe mostly, there were some characters such as dervish, peasants, stigny, beggars, selfish, scholar, lubricious, ghilman; some famous sultans and great mystics (sufis) who lived in the past in the story. Satires, humor and cursing are conspicuous features of these letâifes. The aim of the study to introduce Bahrî Efendi’s Letâifnâme to the scholars, determine the importance of this work and present selected verse from this Letâifnâme.

Bahri Efendi, humor, joke, mutayebe

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