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The indexes, which are prepared for revealing the terms in a literary work and finding out those terms with ease in that studied work, play a key role in the scientific studies with their afore-mentioned qualities. Considering the examples in various academic disciplines, it has been observed that the indexes reflect the choices of the researcher/writer based on the priorities of the field. The reason of the emergence of index types which are associated with proper nouns, affixes, general words is the situation expressed in the previous sentence. Functional index-dictionary used in Turkish language studies is one of them. However, considering those studies in general, it is seen that there is no significant coherence among the entries, sub-headings, related introductory information which are supposed to be in relation with the organization of the functional index-dictionary. In order to form a reconciliation platform among the researchers, the current situation expresses the necessity of crea-ting a new frame for the issue of index in Turkish language studies. The following study, which brings forward a number of rules and suggestions with reference to the contents and organization of the functional index-dictionary, aims at finding that common ground.

Index, functional index dictionary, Turkish language

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