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In the process of the transition from society to community and statehood, cultural richness contains important information in terms of the reflection of the result besides its preparatory effect. In cultural richness, the phases that the peoples experienced throughout the history take place symbolically or in a natural language. Written or oral literature pieces are primary rich information sources. Particularly the oral literature pieces are like peoples’ memory that enlighten the historic past. In other words, the memory of a people has been transferred to the next generation with oral culture. As one of the oldest examples in Turkish literature, the Epic of Oğuz Kağan is one of the pieces in which the oldest marks of Turkish culture can be seen. To know and understand the past and to make proposals concerning the future, the mentioned piece has been the object of many scientific work. It is possible to find many cultural code such as social life, religion, mentality, management, state philosophy, etc. in Turkish in this piece. In this study, the Epic of Oğuz Kağan was analyzed in terms of the characteristics that an emperor should have in the context of Turkish history and culture. In the study, it was seen that the characteristics that are expected to be in a manager according to Turkish perception of state were all on the protagonist of the epic.

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