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Contribution of Suffix “- San(Iz)A” and Negation to Command Modality
Modality is grammaticalization of speaker’s subjective attitude. There are many varieties of modality. One of them is command modality. Command modality expresses requests stemming from a source that is capable of enforcement and punishment. These requests are mandatory and they are directed to a capable actuator in the coverage zone and target a realizable future. Command modality has a number of markers, such as grammatical, syntactic, lexical and discourse-based markers. One of these markers is the suffix “- sAn(Iz)A”. This suffix is used for the commands that need to be fulfilled urgently or for impolite commands. Another type of marker is negation. The subject speaks through negation and prohibits an action. In this way negative command (prohibition) is formed.

Modality, command modality, marker, -sAn(Iz)A, negation

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