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Benefits of Railway Transportation in Erzurum
Having an exceptional importance for the transportation politics of Ottoman Empire since the 19th century, railway service had unfortunately been brought only to the western and southern regions of the country. The lack of the road constructions and repairs in the eastern parts, which had been neglected for years in the Ottoman era, was felt at its most during the World War I and the Independence War. So, the republican age recognized the transportation as its principal goal and tried to unite the East and the West of the country through railways. In accordance with the aim in question, the Sivas-Erzurum railroad began to be constructed in 1933 and was completed in 1939. And it was the first time in Turkish history that a railroad was completed by only Turkish engineers, Turkish workers and with local capital. Having been deprived of modern transportation means for years, Erzurum, which had been maintaining its political, military, social and economic significance with its geopolitical position, obtained a more strategic state with the arrival of railway in 1939.

Erzurum, railway transportation, Sivas-Erzurum railway.

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