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Following the full conquest of Turkestan by Russians, in the region a new ruling system and a new era have been started. In this new era, the people of Turkestan have been exploited and tried to be assimilated. In order not to fall behind in the race of exploitation Russia has chosen Turkestan Region and tried to do as much as she can to keep people of the region under pressure and control. They have considered the region as a source of raw materials and they have not let people plant anything except cotton. Russians have gained the lands of local people with various methods and have given the control of those lands to new immigrants coming from Russian motherland. Local people could not stand to those pressures and suppression coming from Russians and they started to resist and to react in order to obtain their independence back. Then in the region numerous rebellions have broken out one after another. The Andijan Uprising of 1898 which leaded by Dukchi Ishan has been one of the milestones for the way to the independence of Turkestan. The rebellion has been erupted in Ferghana and quickly been spread to the other cities such as Osh and Namangan. Russia has managed to control the uprising easily and sent many local people to exile. Prominent rebellious leaders have been executed and a serious of precautions have been taken in order to keep people under control.

Andijan Uprising, Dukchi Ishan, Turkestan, Ferghana, Kyrgyzs.

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