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The Women of Üç İstanbul
Mithat Cemal Kuntay’s only novel Üç Istanbul is famous for its crowded castand complex plot which sometimes gains coincidental structure. The author has used his novel like a documentand he added nearly all the events and characters to his novel that he has witnessed. While the novel takes firstly the scene of Abdulhamit and then İttihat Terakki and finally war of independence as its background, it leaves the reader alone with many stories and introduces many heroes, so it bears the belief of the necessity to question him self and his life basing upon the events and behaviors. State organization is satirized through the members of organizationorapplicantsandtheir behaviors. Social structure is satirized with the life styles, which sometimes reflect to in ferior behaviors, of important people of the structure. The satire of the novel against human being is based upon its being the slave of its own desire and physical pleasures. The male characters of the novel do not hesitateusing and victimizing both each other and the women forthese desires and pleasures. However, thecourse of the events sometimes causes them to falli nto the victim condition. This study is focused on theanalysis of Ücİstanbul’s women who are sometime sex ploited by men and sometimes they exploit them. Thefunction of women characters in plot has been prioritized; and these women, to whose souls were not reached, have been evaluated in line with what author and Adnan has served to reader.

Üç İstanbul, Mithat Cemal Kuntay, woman, morality

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