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The Effect of Creative Drama Activities in the Fourth Grade of Primary School in Turkey on Creativity Levels of Students
General purpose of the research is to examine effect of creative drama activities in the fourth grade of primary school on creativity abilities development of students. In the study,according to the purpose ,pretest-posttest experimental design with control group has been used. Sample of the study is formed by students of 4A and B classes in Aydın Doğan Primary School in Erzurum. As 17 control and 17 experimental, totally 34 students have been involved in the working group. As data collection tool, developed by Raudsepp in 1979 and adapted into Turkish by Çoban (1999) the scale “How creative are you” has been applied. In data analysis,using 18.0 packet program, frequency and percent values, in the groups free from parametric tests t-test and one way ANOVA , as nonparametric tests Mann Whitney and U test have been applied. Significancy of statistical results has been examined on % 95 confidence interval level of p<0,5. As a result, in the study with pretest-posttest experimental design with control group it has been observed that creative drama activities have a positive effect on studets’ creativity abilities. However, there are no effects of gender, educational levels of parents, level of income on creativity abilities of them.

Creative drama, creativity, gender, educational level, level of income.

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